About the Artist
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Nancy Collins has spent more than 50 years making art. She oozes creativity from every pore. She’s executed everything from sculpture to print making, but her true art soul mate is watercolor. Nancy says, “It’s the little things about color that seize my attention and captivate me”. She delights in light and shadow pirouetting across fabrics, crystal, laces and flowers. Nancy’s use of robust, vibrant colors often leads to the question, “Is this watercolor?” The answer is ‘yes’. It’s transparent, staining color. Under Nancy’s control the colors take on an alluring luminosity. Her strong contrast is essential to the unforgettable look of her paintings. Nancy often paints with warm colors in the center of her subject and cool colors on the parameters, giving the illusion of glow. It’s as if she turns on the heart light of her subjects.

Nancy’s work has been exhibited around the globe. She’s been featured in shows for Art In The EmbassyMendocino International Music Festival, Mendocino Art Center, Stanford University, Fioli Gardens, Schraffenberger Winery, Little River Inn and many more. Her work and writing have been published in American Artist MagazineWatercolor MagicMendocino Arts MagazineHow Did You Paint That, Volume 6, Splash 17 and others.

Her latest adventure is a DVD called “Exploring The Truth About Color,” which is available to purchase.

Nancy is a much loved and sought after watercolor instructor. She can often be found on the road teaching and coaching. Mendocino Art Center, Filoli Gardens, Montecito Sequoia Lodge, Princess Cruise Lines, Fin Center, Fallbrook Art Center, Mendocino County Art Association, WASCO and Gualala Art Center are a few of the places she teaches regularly. Her classes cover all skill levels from beginners to advanced, often professional, watercolorist. Each year Nancy builds class projects for new techniques she has developed. Her usual topics include ~ color theory, watercolor techniques, painting from photos, using fantasy colors, ‘finish that painting that has you blocked’ and many others.